GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer 1.7
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GraphVu Disk Space Analyzer 1.7

Free Useful tool to analyze your disk space and to present it in a graphical way
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Disk Space Analyzer is an excellent and beautifully-designed utility that scans your system’s drives and draws a graphical representation of their content. This graph can be displayed using three different layouts, and it provides you with valuable information about what folders are where, their content, the space they take up, and their relation to the files and folders around them.

From the design point of view, Disk Space Analyzer is a beauty. Regardless of the layout that you choose (radial, hierarchical, or force-directed) the resulting image is clean, clear, and full of useful information. And I am not only talking about the objective data that appears by the folder’s name (such as the number of files in it or the total space they occupy), but also about the information you can draw from this comprehensive bird’s view of each of your hard drives and external storage devices. Having the possibility of taking a full view of your hard disk at a glance is priceless. You can decide how deep you want to go in your directory tree, as well as how wide you want the graph to expand. The deeper you go, the higher the complexity of the graph, but also the wider the view you can have of how space is being managed in your disks.

Disk Space Analyzer allows you to configure the diagram layouts to fit your preferences. You can decide on the depth of field shown in the graph, as well as on the dimensions of the panes shown. Besides, you can tell the program to show or hide the path, the subtree, or the files contained in each folder. Long names can be truncated, all elements can be resized, and graphs can be rotated at the pace of your choice. This level of flexibility will let you produce highly attractive and extremely informative graphs that you can preview before printing.

However, Disk Space Analyzer is not merely a graphical tool that shows you a pretty picture of your drives – it also allows you to reorganize their structure and the way their space is being used in a simple and interactive way. Each folder is, in fact, a node. You can move, copy, and delete these folders or “nodes” (and the files inside them) using your mouse – thus, you can rearrange the full structure of your hard disks in minutes and in a much more comfortable way.

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  • Presents the information using three different layouts
  • Fast scan and data presentation process
  • Provides exhaustive information about each node


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